The Church Heritage Museum was opened in 2009 in St Michael‘s Church – a mausoleum of the Sapieha family and beautiful example of Renaissance and early Baroque architecture. It is the only place where you can see the Treasury of Vilnius Cathedral, which was hidden away in the wall of the Cathedral for almost half a century, the earliest masterpieces of Lithuanian goldsmiths and textile artists.

The crypts of Vilnius Cathedral became the part of the Museum in 2012. An invisible part of the building, the crypts presents the history of the temple situated on one of the earliest inhabited sites of Vilnius, the development of the building, and the figures of outstanding merit to the state and Church of Lithuania who are buried there. The exhibition set up in the crypts and corridors introduces the funerary traditions and archaeological finds, and leads to the Royal Mausoleum.

Bell Tower
The bell tower of Vilnius Cathedral was open for inhabitants and visitors of Vilnius in 2014. It is one of the main vertical landmarks of the Old Town.The tower has its authentic constructions, bells, the oldest clock mechanism in Lithuania, interactive visual and audio presentation of the structure‘s history and impressive views to see.